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Whitney Carr Edwards, MD

Whitney Carr Edwards, MD

"I don't need the formal distance of always being addressed as 'Doctor.' People trust me with the care of their children. How could the use of a title possibly convey more respect than that?"

Pediatrician Dr. Whitney Edwards oversees the Obesity and Weight Management Program and evening classes at Children's HealthCare Medical Associates.

Far more likely to be dressed in scrubs or jeans and a rugby shirt than a suit, Dr. Edwards' deliberate choice of apparel is intended to put children at ease. "To adults, white coats may symbolize professionalism, but most kids just associate them with needles." One of San Diego's strongest proponents of patient education and preventative medicine, Dr. Whitney Edwards is a firm believer in being as unintimidating to children as possible, and is on a first name basis with many of her patients and their families.

Dr. Edwards attended Amherst College and the Medical College of Ohio prior to completing her pediatric training at the Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine before relocating to San Diego.

The daughter of a third generation San Diegan (and granddaughter of a long time principal of San Diego High), she was an animal trainer at the Columbus (Ohio) Zoo for many years before entering medical school, and has served as a medical consultant to several movie productions and television series, including The X-Files.

A "Navy brat," Dr. Edwards was born in the Phillipines and spent time in San Diego and on Puerto Rico before moving to Columbus, Ohio, where she grew up on a small farm outside of town.

She continues to enjoy a rural lifestyle, with a ranch in Ramona, her cat (Eric Owens), canaries (Darwin and Mendel), three Border Collies (Keats, Mulder, and Noah), three Connemara Ponies (Hope, her daughter Aidan, and son Cedar), an Arabian mare (Torrey), and an ever changing assortment of sheep, goats, ducks and chickens, none of whom gets eaten.

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